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Extratorrents.cc Proxy 2023

Extratorrents Proxy

Extratorrents Proxy sites are alternative gateways. This replicate the original website’s functionality and content. These proxies operate under different domain names and mirror. The database of the former Extratorrents site. Their purpose is to enable users to access torrent files. Despite the main site being inaccessible due to legal restrictions or takedowns.

Torrenting has long been a popular method for downloading various digital content. However, due to legal pressures and copyright issues, the original Extratorrents site was taken down. But as the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. Proxy sites emerge as a solution for users. This seeks access to their favorite torrent files.

Proxy sites serve as intermediaries between the user and the original website. They work by redirecting traffic through their own servers. Furthermore, this make the user’s IP address. Besides, this provide access to the content that would otherwise be restrict.

Users can locate This proxy sites by searching online. These proxies are host on different domains. This may vary in terms of speed, reliability, and availability. Some commonly used This proxy sites include extratorrents.cd, extratorrents-cc.com, and extratorrents.ch, among others.

Benefits and Risks of proxy server extratorrents


  • Access to Content: Users can continue to access a vast array of torrent files. They also download content that is available on the original Extratorrents site.
  • Anonymity: Proxy sites help users maintain anonymity by hiding their IP addresses. This also reduce the risk of tracking by ISPs or copyright enforcement agencies.


  • Security Concerns: Proxy sites might not offer the same level of security as the original site. Users may encounter malicious ads, pop-ups, or malware. This could compromise their devices.
  • Legal Implications: Torrenting copyright material remains illegal in many jurisdictions. While proxies might offer access. Users should exercise caution and understand the legal consequences of downloading copyrighted content.

While This proxy sites provide a workaround for accessing torrent content. Now, users must be aware of the legal and security risks involve. This is crucial to exercise caution and use additional security measures. VPNs encrypt traffic and enhance anonymity.

Moreover, respecting copyright laws and using torrenting sites responsibly is essential. Many countries have stringent laws regarding piracy and copyright infringement. Moreover, Users should be aware of these regulations to avoid legal consequences.

Extratorrents Proxy

key points of Extratorrents Proxy Site

  • Research Reliable Proxy Sites: Explore and research trustworthy This proxy sites online.
  • Verify Site Authenticity: Confirm the legitimacy of the proxy site by checking user reviews and ratings.
  • Access the Proxy Site: Enter the URL of the chosen This proxy site in your web browser.
  • Explore Torrent Categories: Browse through the various categories available on the proxy site.
  • Search for Desired Content: Utilize the search bar to find specific torrent files or content you wish to download.
  • Select the Torrent: Click on the preferred torrent file to read its details. Check for comments or ratings.
  • Choose a Torrent Client: Download and install a reliable torrent client software on your device.
  • Click on Magnet Link or Download Torrent File: Choose the desired download method provided on the proxy site.
  • Open Torrent Client: Launch the installed torrent client software on your device.
  • Add Torrent File: Use the “Add Torrent” or similar option in the torrent client and upload the downloaded torrent file.
  • Select Download Location: Choose where you want the downloaded content to be stored on your device.
  • Monitor Download Progress: Keep an eye on the download progress within the torrent client.
  • Seed and Share: After downloading, consider seeding the file to contribute to the torrent community.
  • Use a VPN for Privacy: Enhance anonymity and security by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while torrenting.
  • Respect Copyright Laws: Ensure the downloaded content complies with copyright regulations. This also avoid downloading copyrighted material illegally.


  • Access to Content: This proxy sites provide access to a wide array of torrent files and content. This might be restrict or unavailable otherwise.
  • Anonymity: They offer users a level of anonymity by masking their IP addresses. This also reduce the risk of tracking by ISPs or authorities.
  • Continued Availability: Despite the original site being taken down. Proxy sites keep the torrenting community alive and maintain access to previously available content.
  • User-Friendly Interface: These proxies replicate the familiar interface of Extratorrents. This make it easy for users to navigate and search for desired torrents.
  • Diversity of Proxy Options: There are multiple proxy sites available. Moreover, this offer choices in speed, reliability, and accessibility for users.
  • No Need for VPN: In some regions with less strict regulations. Users might not require a VPN to access the proxy and download content.
  • Cost-Free Access: Most This proxy sites offer free access to torrent files without any subscription or payment requirements.


  • Security Risks: Users may encounter malicious ads, pop-ups, or malware on some proxy sites. Potentially compromising their device security.
  • Legal Implications: Torrenting copyrighted material remains illegal in many jurisdictions. This exposing users to potential legal consequences.
  • Unreliability of Proxy Sites: Some proxy sites might suffer from downtime. This lead to intermittent accessibility issues.
  • Decreased Trustworthiness: Not all proxy sites may be authentic or reliable. This lead to uncertainty about the legitimacy of downloaded content.
  • Potential ISP Blocks: Some Internet Service Providers may block access to known proxy sites. The limiting accessibility.
  • Limited Speed and Performance: Proxy sites might not offer the same speed and performance. The original site due to traffic redirection and server limitations.
  • Lack of Updates and Moderation: Without active moderation. Some proxy sites may not have updated or moderated content. This leading to potential risks of downloading outdated or malicious files.

Extratorrents Proxy

Requirements for proxy for extratorrents.cc:

For Accessing This proxy Sites:

  • Device: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and internet connectivity.
  • Operating System: Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, or other operating systems.
  • Internet Connection: Stable and reliable high-speed internet connection for browsing and downloading torrents efficiently.
  • VPN: For enhanced privacy and security, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) might be recommend.

For Using Torrent Client Software:

  • Device: A computer or device that meets the specifications to run the chosen torrent client software.
  • Operating System: Windows, macOS, Linux, or other supported operating systems.
  • Processor: 2 GHZ Processor
  • RAM: 2GB RAM
  • Storage Space: 100 MBS
  • Internet Connection: A stable and high-speed internet connection for downloading torrent files.
  • Graphics: No specific graphic requirements.

How to Get?

Accessing This proxy Sites:

  • Device with a web browser and internet connectivity
  • Compatible operating system
  • Stable, high-speed internet connection
  • Optional: VPN for enhanced privacy

Using Torrent Client Software:

  • Compatible device meeting software specifications
  • Suitable operating system
  • Modern processor and sufficient RAM
  • Adequate storage space for torrent downloads
  • Stable, high-speed internet connection
  • No specific graphics requirements

Inkless printer

Extratorrents Proxy


Overall, Extratorrents Proxy sites serve as a lifeline for users. This seek access to torrent content following the takedown of the original Extratorrents site. They provide a way to bypass restrictions and access a plethora of digital content.

However, users must tread carefully. Consider the legal and security implications. Employ responsible torrenting practices. In a world where online content accessibility is constantly evolving, this is essential to stay inform. Exercise caution, and prioritize online safety. While navigating the torrenting landscape.

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