Best 11×17 Printer for Architects 2024 (Updated)

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Best 11×17 Laser Printer for Architects

Best 11x17 Printer for Architects

Selecting the best 11×17 printer for architects involves many factors. Those factor are print quality, speed, connectivity options, size, and cost-effectiveness. Here are some details on what to look for and a few recommended printers:

Factors to Consider:

  • Print Quality: Architects often require high-resolution prints for detailed drawings and plans. Look for printers with high DPI (dots per inch) to ensure crisp and clear output.
  • Speed: Time efficiency matters, especially when dealing with large-format prints. A faster printing speed can be advantageous for architects with tight deadlines.
  • Connectivity Options: Wireless connectivity, Ethernet, USB ports, and compatibility with various devices (PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets) are essential for easy printing from multiple sources.
  • Size and Capacity: Consider the physical footprint of the printer, especially if space is a concern. Additionally, check the paper tray capacity to ensure it meets your printing needs without constant refills.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Factor in the initial cost of the printer, cost per print, and the availability of compatible ink or toner cartridges. Some printers might have a higher upfront cost but lower long-term expenses.
  • Additional Features: Features like automatic duplex printing, scanning, copying, and cloud printing capabilities can add versatility to the printer.

Types of  Best 11×17 Printers Scanners for Architects:

Epson WorkForce WF-7840:

  • This all-in-one inkjet printer offers wide-format printing capabilities, fast printing speeds, and a variety of connectivity options. With its PrecisionCore technology, it delivers high-quality prints suitable for architectural plans.

Canon imagePROGRAF TA-20:

  • Known for its excellent print quality, this inkjet printer supports 11×17 printing and offers features like borderless printing, Wi-Fi connectivity, and compatibility with different media types.

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740:

  • An all-in-one inkjet printer with wide-format printing capabilities, it provides good print quality and supports various connectivity options. It’s cost-effective in terms of both initial purchase and long-term operational costs.

Brother MFC-J6945DW:

  • This all-in-one inkjet printer offers 11×17 printing, fast print speeds, and multiple connectivity options. It also includes features like duplex printing and scanning, making it versatile for architectural needs.

Xerox Phaser 7100N:

  • A color laser printer suitable for architects needing high-quality color prints. It supports 11×17 printing, offers fast speeds, and produces professional-grade prints, although it might be pricier upfront.

Best 11x17 Printer for Architects

Key points of Best 11×17 Colour Laser Printer for Architects

  • Define Printing Needs: Identify the specific requirements for detailed architectural prints.
  • Determine Print Quality: Look for printers with high DPI for clear and precise output.
  • Choose Printing Technology: Decide between inkjet and laser printers based on color vibrancy and speed.
  • Assess Printing Speed: Consider the PPM rate for timely delivery of 11×17 prints.
  • Evaluate Connectivity: Ensure compatibility with various devices and wireless connectivity options.
  • Consider Size & Capacity: Check the physical footprint and paper tray size for convenience.
  • Analyze Cost-effectiveness: Compare upfront costs and ongoing expenses like ink/toner.
  • Review Additional Features: Seek functionalities like duplex printing, scanning, and cloud printing.
  • Check Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with architectural design software.
  • Read Expert Reviews: Research and read reviews for insight into printer performance.
  • Consider User Feedback: Evaluate user experiences to gauge real-world usability.
  • Test Printer Capabilities: If possible, test the printer’s output quality and speed.
  • Verify Warranty & Support: Check warranty coverage and availability of customer support.
  • Assess Replacement Parts: Ensure availability of consumables and replacement parts.
  • Make Informed Decision: Consider all factors collectively before finalizing the purchase.


  • High-Quality Prints: Offers high-resolution prints suitable for detailed architectural plans.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Supports various connectivity options for seamless printing from multiple devices.
  • Wide-Format Printing: Capable of printing in the larger 11×17 format for architectural drawings.
  • Additional Functionalities: May include scanning, copying, and duplex printing features for added convenience.
  • Compatibility with Software: Works well with architectural design software for easy printing.
  • Fast Printing Speeds: Some models offer fast print speeds, aiding in quicker project completion.
  • Cost-Effective Options: Certain printers provide a good balance between initial cost and long-term expenses.


  • Higher Initial Cost: Some high-quality printers might have a higher upfront price.
  • Consumables Expenses: Ink or toner costs can accumulate, especially for high-volume printing.
  • Limited Space: Larger 11×17 printers may occupy more space in the office or workspace.
  • Complex Maintenance: Maintenance might be more involved for wide-format printers.
  • Potential Compatibility Issues: Some printers might face compatibility issues with specific software or devices.
  • Noise Level: Depending on the model, some printers may generate noticeable noise during operation.
  • Speed vs. Quality Trade-off: Faster print speeds might compromise a bit on print quality.

Best 11x17 Printer for Architects

System requirements

  • Operating System Compatibility: All Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, or other operating systems.
  • Connectivity: Check the connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, and Bluetooth.
  • Drivers and Software: Confirm the availability of compatible drivers and software for the printer. Check if the manufacturer provides updated drivers for the specific operating systems used in your office.
  • Processor and Memory: Printer software or drivers might have specific requirements for the processor and memory of the connected devices. Ensure that the devices meet or exceed these requirements for optimal printer performance.
  • Storage Space: Printer software or drivers might require a certain amount of storage space for installation and updates. Ensure sufficient available storage on the connected devices.
  • Internet Connectivity: Some printers may require an internet connection for certain functionalities such as cloud printing, firmware updates, or accessing online resources provided by the manufacturer.
  • Supported File Formats: Check the supported file formats by the printer to ensure compatibility with the architectural design software used. Most printers support common file formats like PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and more.
  • Browser Compatibility :If the printer has web-based features or cloud printing capabilities, ensure compatibility with popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

How to download?

  • Research and Select a Printer: Identify the specific printer model that suits your architectural needs. Consider factors like print quality, speed, connectivity, and cost-effectiveness. Refer to reviews, expert opinions, and user feedback to make an informed decision.
  • Find a Reliable Retailer or Manufacturer: Locate reputable retailers or official manufacturer websites that sell the chosen printer model. Online marketplaces, electronics stores, office supply chains, and the official websites of printer manufacturers are good places to start.
  • Check Availability and Pricing: Verify the availability of the printer and compare prices among different sellers. Consider factors such as warranty, shipping options, and customer service reputation when selecting a retailer or manufacturer.
  • Visit a Physical Store: Alternatively, visit a physical store if you prefer an in-person shopping experience.
  • Download Drivers and Software: Once you’ve obtained the printer, visit the manufacturer’s website to download the necessary drivers and software.
  • Install the Printer: Follow the instructions provided in the printer’s manual or the setup guide to unpack and install the printer hardware. Connect it to a power source, install ink or toner cartridges, load paper. Follow the on-screen prompts to connect it to your computer or network.
  • Install Drivers and Software: Run the downloaded drivers and software installation files on your computer. Follow the installation wizard’s instructions to install the necessary printer drivers and software.
  • Test the Printer: Once the installation is complete, perform a test print to ensure the printer is functioning correctly. Print a sample document or architectural plan to verify the print quality and settings.

Best 11x17 Printer for Architects


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